Hi, we’re the The Public House. A name that reflects our origin story (we were born above a pub), and our philosophy (talk to customers the way you’d talk to your mate at the pub). 

We’re a full service creative agency that offers strategy, creative and design, all delivered impeccably. Size wise? We’re best described as middleweight, equal parts agility, stamina, and power. Some of the world’s biggest brands have found us a refreshing change from the cumbersome agency model of days gone by.

We’re built around the core belief that “Boring Doesn’t Sell’. Today, the most dangerous thing a brand or organisation can do is play it safe. That doesn’t mean be reckless or shocking, it just means finding surprising and compelling communications in the attention economy.

Raise an eyebrow, summon some goosebumps, elicit a laugh, provoke some thought. Just don’t be wallpaper.

Contact Catrióna or Colin to find out more about how our Boring Doesn’t Sell philosophy is helping our clients win in the attention age.





We work closely with our clients to get to the heart of their business challenges in order to build a strategic approach that will unlock growth. We healthily interrogate so that our thinking is based on real-world insight, not presumption.



We are media agnostic, with a capability to building brilliant creative ideas and experiences from mobile to TV and everything in between. We have a track record of creating work that wins in the attention economy, where you are competing not only with your competition but for attention.



At The Public House, our design team attack every design opportunity with range, depth, and distinction, avoiding flavour-of-the-month shortcuts and giving The Public House a strong and distinct design voice.