Sometimes a small business can’t afford an ad. But dammit, there’s something just so charming about them. In these situations, we often turn to the good old fashioned barter system and let loose with a creative solution without boundaries for a place without a real budget.



Ah, the good old-fashioned camera. It doesn’t have Instastories, but it is useful for when that photo of your avo toast needs that extra je ne sais quoi. Step forward the Camera Repair Centre, Dublin’s finest, erm, camera repair centre. We created a series of print ads to show how cameras still have a rightful place in a world where everybody carries with them the ability to take pictures in their pocket.



Before 2017, men who had sex with men were banned from donating blood in Ireland. The law changed to a one year ban after having sex, hardly a step forward. What's worse, the vast majority of the public don't know this law has changed. A fair few don't even know the law exists in the first place.

For No Discrimination Day, a full page ad brought awareness to the issue, in order to raise awareness of Ireland's outdated and discriminatory blood ban for men who have sex with men.

The Pride Flag is an iconic symbol of strength, unity and respect. A symbol of togetherness for the LGBT community and indeed for an accepting and supportive wider community. On No Discrimination Day, we showed Ireland the Pride Flag our laws have created: one where the red (symbolising the blood of our MSM citizens) has been drained out.

The idea led to us receiving donated space by Gazette newspapers to ensure a broader audience could see the piece. Along with an engaged audience across social, we were happy to partner to create a brave symbol for an even braver client fighting a good fight.


747_Blood Discrimination Ad_AW3.jpg


Clients rarely come as inspirational as Ifrah Ahmed. She formed the Ifrah Foundation with the goal of eradicating FGM in Somalia, and ultimately around the world. Working closely with Ifrah and her team we created a brand identity for the foundation, which seeks to communicate all that the organisation stands for.

This boldly minimalist identity incorporates a broken circle graphic representing the idea of breaking with tradition, one of the biggest hurdles the organisation faces, and a subtle plus sign which represents the positive change the organization strives to bring to the wellbeing of young females across Africa.

Both elements merge seamlessly into one, symbolising the brand's journey from problem through to solution. Colour palette and typefaces were carefully crafted to create a brave, feminine and positive brand identity for this inspiring organisation.



Dentists can be intimidating for kids and adults alike. This series of posters humanised Dr. Fitzsimmons, to make him far less scary. Okay, perhaps the poster confessions flirted with humiliating rather than humanising, but it’s all worth it to knock down the fear barrier.





Connemara Pub Tours wanted to appeal to event planners in Dublin who might be looking for a team outing a little off the beaten path in terms of location and experience. This campaign looked to capture the feeling of what it's like to experience a true Irish pub experience in a stunning setting.

A true Irish pub worth its salt comes with a certain confidence. It knows it is the place to be for the community. It’s as unapologetic in its ways as its regulars, who, unlike the fake glam pubs of the cities, couldn’t care less who you are or what tech firm you work for.

“Good Craic, No Notions” allowed us to capture the spirit of the best fun that’s happening under everyone’s noses. With a confident tone, we made sure everyone made sure to remember that they were the unofficial guests of the lifeblood of these amazing pubs: its people.