Part of the charm of being an independent agency is you get to shape your own brand. We do that all the time through notebooks, mugs, merch, and recruitment ads. Basically, we treat ourselves like a client. A demanding, unreasonable client at times, but a client nonetheless.



Karaoke is already scary. Add Halloween to the mix, and it becomes terrifying.

But if you can crash and burn on stage in front of your coworkers, it makes the presentations way less daunting. Scaryoke is our annual jam. Clients come along. We should have regrets, but it’s actually quite the opposite.




For Valentine’s Day we wanted to use our skills as an ad agency to help single people of the internet find love.

Essentially, your online dating bio is like a mini advertising pitch, and sadly, a huge number of people crash and burn within the first 100 characters. Pitching is part and parcel of what we do, so we created All Bio Myself, a pop-up creative agency dedicated solely to providing succinct and witty online dating bios. The idea is simple. We have set up a website called People fill out a quick questionnaire to let us know a bit about themselves and we’ll send a swanky new bio in return. Love is a mystery, so we’re offering no guarantees of love, but we feel confident your prospective partners will go from 0 to swoon in less than 500 characters.




Ireland has lost countless talented marketing minds to other countries.

But we think we’ve created an agency that is worth sticking around for. So we sent our recruitment message across the Atlantic to Canada, telling Irish advertising escapees that it’s time to come home. A $500 spend gained international press coverage, over 100 CVs, a load, two new hires, and a few angry oldtimers who didn’t see the payoff on our website.





Losing a pitch is a reality of the business for ad agencies.

But just because the pitch creative has been rejected doesn’t mean it isn’t good or doesn’t hold value to someone else. We wondered: Can we give our pitch creative a second life, and earn a little notoriety along the way? We threw three failed pitches on eBay, raising money for charity, and a huge amount of exposure for our agency.