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Welcome to our creative archives. This is a nostalgic collection of some work from earlier days. Feel free to use the judgmental line “I prefer their earlier albums”.



Getting out of that dead-end job might come with some out-of-character behaviour.

There are a lot of things that accompany a new job: new coworkers, new kitchen, new favourite mug, along with some extra money and a new air of confidence too. So we took this feeling and turned it into an outdoor and radio campaign that show how this newfound swagger carries over into every aspect of your day.


Creating a craft market for a well-crafted whiskey.

Our very first Jameson brief was for Black Barrel in 2012, and we’ve earned a few splinters and developed some great connections with the Irish craft community along the way. This year was a bit of a crescendo. Following on the heels of the Jameson Black Barrel Craft Series events, we worked with some great people and took over the Bernard Shaw for a 4 day Black Barrel Craft Market. Doilies and tea cozies were strictly forbidden.


We can only control how they're made, not how they're enjoyed.

O’Donnell’s luxury crisps inherently appeal to upmarket tastes, the only problem is, not everyone knows this. We wanted O’Donnell’s to become the brand of choice for ‘choosey’  Mums on the lookout for high quality product that satisfies flavour cravings. That said, you can only look so classy eating a bag of crisps, and all bets are off when you open a bag of O’Donnells. We created a print and social campaign that embraces inevitable scoffing, playing on the notion of crafted crisps that can become a snack to suit all tastes - even snobs.


Feeding the ‘meat and two veg generation’ a piece of Ireland’s 21st Century palate.

With competitors helping themselves to just about everything they can fit in their mouths, JustEat needed a way of raising brand awareness among their target audience… We got some help from the “meat and two veg” generation to sample Just Eat’s incredible range of international cuisine. Once the chopsticks were “assembled” and the question of "Who is Rogan Josh?” was answered, a good time was had by all.


A better frozen pizza starts with the best ingredients.

Goodfella’s Deli di Lusso is a frozen pizza that tastes like fresh deli-style pizza. And it's all down to the quality ingredients. Our campaign set out to capture the idea that what comes out of the oven is only as good as what goes into the pizza.


Giving a face to a rising voice in human rights.

Clients rarely come as inspirational as Ifrah Ahmed. She has poured her heart and soul into the fight against Female Genital Mutilation and started the Ifrah Foundation with the goal of eradicating FGM in Somalia, and ultimately around the world. We created a brand identity for the foundation, and will continue to work closely with the team, amplifying their invaluable work.


Good news: dentists are people too.

Working with local businesses lets us team up with our favourite butchers, bakers and candlestick makers (or in this case dentists), and provides us with big creative opportunities. This is a print campaign for our local dentist, where we decided to publicise (and exaggerate) some embarrassing home truths in order to make him a little less scary.


Celebrating the colourful history of a resilient whiskey.

A rare bonder-era whiskey with a colourful history. Green Spot is a storied Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey painted with a different brush. Mitchell & Son Wine Merchants - a Dublin family business dating back to 1805 - marked their whiskey barrels with a spot of paint to signify their age potential. They were also endearing themselves with the ladies-who-lunch of 19th century Dublin, offering sneaky sips in tea pots at a time when it was taboo for women to drink in public. We’ve come a long way since then, but the great whiskey has stayed intact.


Commemorating the week a distillery found itself in the middle of Irish history.

With their distillery in Smithfield playing an important role in the 1916 Rising, Jameson had much more reason than other brands for joining in on the conversation surrounding its centenary celebrations. To do this in a legitimate way, without appearing to just piggyback on the celebrations, we presented Jameson 1916 story in the form of a newspaper that transports readers back to 1916,  chronicling the events of the day like how the distillery-turned-fortress was involved in one of the biggest battles of the week - the Battle of North King Street.


Paddy Power’s one last-ditch attempt  to help banish Mayo’s 65 year All-Ireland curse.

After being cursed by a priest for disrupting a funeral procession in 1951, Mayo have been stuck in All-Ireland losing limbo ever since. With the tournament getting closer, we took some elaborate steps towards helping them lift the curse. Having broken their 108-year dry spell the previous year, we figured the Chicago Cubs would  have plenty of tips to help Mayo get out of their rut. We sent an admobile to circle Wrigley Field Stadium in Chicago in the hopes that we’d pick up some curse breaking advice from the players, locals, anyone! We’ll have to wait and see if it worked.


Giving an underdog some swag-less swagger in order to standout among the tech giants.

Their competitors were using superficial “swag” techniques to charm existing and prospective developers, so Realex needed a clever way of grabbing their attention in a more practical way. We created BadSwag - a campaign that introduces Jim, the Realex Payments Head of Swag Development. Jim’s department is severely underfunded because the company are too busy investing in the things that really matter, like maintaining a great product. The campaign injected Realex with some brand personality and allowed an underdog to bravely give two fingers to the giant tech firms.


Mix a pinch of truth with a dash of humour, pop it in the oven for 30 and wait for the sales to rise.

Everyone loves waking up to homemade bread, but finding time to bake is another thing. We set out to create a campaign to make Sowan’s a household name by explaining that with their baking mixes, goodness does not have to make way for convenience. We wanted the radio and print executions to appeal to those who lead busy lives, while also appealing to those who just couldn't be bothered to roll their sleeves up. The results paid off - causing Sowan’s to show up on more and more retail shelves around the country, and more importantly, in more bellies.


When you invite the best influencers, you can't give them just any tour.

For St. Patrick’s Day 2016,  we played host to a number of global influencers and media personalities from all over the world, where we showed them an authentic look at our city. Since their first glimpse of our little island was going to be their itinerary, we knew this booklet needed to get them intrigued and prepared for their trip.


Giving Goodfella’s an extra slice of the UK and Irish frozen pizza market.

The frozen pizza category was in decline, and the brand hadn’t communicated in years.  Our strategic approach identified that families are finding it harder and harder to get together - so we made Goodfella’s Pizza the catalyst to bring people together.  The TV-led campaign resulted in double digit sales growth for Goodfella’s in a declining category.