Futurists predict that Artificial Intelligence bots will be replacing our jobs in the next 5-6 years, so we figured we might as well create the best work environment possible while we run out the clock and accept our eventual fate fighting it out as Youtube cosmetics tutorial celebrities. Here's how we're doing it.

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Mandatory fun!

Every agency has parties. Ours don't have mandatory dress codes, or over-the-top themes, or professional videographers creating a sizzle reel of how fun and hip we are. We just like to get off the grid, drop the coworker formalities and get loose. There's usually Jameson involved, and late night singalongs.


Studies have shown that on a sunny summer Friday around 3pm, attention spans and work rates fall off a cliff. So we just push people off the cliff instead and into the weekend. Get your work done, and you can leave by 3 to go work on that sunburn.


Our version of Employee of the Month. Yes, that’s a pun hinting at the fact that they get wine as a reward. Strange how no copywriter wants to accept responsibility for this.


We think we’ll be on the right side of history on this one, when timesheets are one day added to the list of outdated ad constructs like boozy lunches, ping pong tables, and ‘handsy’ male bosses.

Hundred Dollar Ballerz Club

Fridays are already pretty great, but they're even better when you slap down a weekly drink tab to get the weekend started.

Our only request? Nobody's allowed to play that Rebecca Black "Friday" song in celebration.


Be Your Own Client. Part of the charm of being an independent agency is you get to shape your own brand. We do that all the time through notebooks, mugs, merch, and recruitment ads. Basically, we treat ourselves like a client. A demanding, unreasonable client at times, but a client nonetheless.

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the local house

Sometimes a small business can’t afford an ad. But dammit, there’s something just so charming about them. In these situations, we often turn to the good old fashioned barter system and let loose with a creative solution without boundaries for a place without a real budget.



You know what they say: a character building builds character campaigns. Okay, we made that up, but we have a creatively inspiring office space in a Georgian era building. Warning: there may be ghosts; but on the plus side, you can delegate shit jobs to them.

See the link below for more on our class building from the Dublin Civic Trust.