The Clockwork Door

The Clockwork Door

The Clockwork Door is a new concept in shared work and event spaces in Dublin. We caught up with the man behind it Ciaran Hogan to ask him to tell us all about it.
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Tell us a bit about The Clockwork Door.
The Clockwork Door is Ireland’s first and only Timehouse. It is run by myself and my wife Olga Hogan.
A Timehouse is a new concept business, whereby guests by pay for the time they spend here by the minute and everything in the whole building is free and unlimited for them.
We charge our guests a rate per minute it works out like this

– 8 cent per minute, which comes to €4.80 per hour for the first two hours,
then we give a reduction if you stay longer to
– 6 cent per minute which comes to €3.60 per hour for the next two hours,
Then we give a reduction if you stay longer to
– 5 cent per minute which comes to €3 per hour for the rest of your stay.
The minimum pay is €1.50, and once your bill comes to €20.00 we won’t charge any more for the rest of the day. Additionally we have various discounts for students, groups bookings, exclusive room hire, membership options, and special events, all of which reduce the price further.
Why did you set it up?
The business idea came as a hybrid idea from few different sources. It came out of frustration with the lack of non alcoholic things to do in the city. It came from my love of board game nights and just hanging out with friends. I have been living out of Ireland for the past 6 years, on the few occasions when I returned I wanted to meet up with my friends and have a good long catch up chat. As a non drinker I wasn’t inclined to the pubs or clubs of Dublin, nor the expensive cafes that felt impersonal and not homely.
What challenges did you face getting the project off the ground? What do you wish you knew before starting
The biggest problem we face is explaining the concept to people. Because we are so new and different, it is very difficult to convey in words exactly what we do and the atmosphere we have at The Clockwork Door.  I can say we have a sitting room with couches and games, but you won’t understand until you are one hour in to a board game with your friends, shouting and crying over the roll of dice, or quietly cuddling in our cosy room and feeling totally relaxed. We think that as more and more people experience our place, the idea will filter into general conscious, and they will be more willing to check us out.
When we started I wish we knew a decent builder and electrician. We did a lot of work on the building when we moved in, but there are still so many things we have to improve. I guess the old building has its faults, but also a bit of character, and I’m glad for that, it’s something to work with. We embrace the uniqueness of everything and everyone and work to make it shine its best.
What can we expect from you guys in the future?
We have lots to do. We have many great plans, some are still top secret until we unveil them later, some are already obvious; such as getting more acts and events to entertain from our stage. We also want to improve the games room with the latest VR gear, and of course bring more teddies into the cosy room. Additionally as time goes by we will fill walls with the arts and creations of our guests who submit there works for public display.

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