Network Cafe

Network Cafe

Network Cafe has become a regular spot of ours. Taking over a unit on Aungier St that seemed to constantly change hands they have created a simple, super well rounded coffee shop experience that feels like it’s been around for years.

We had a chat with owner Ollie Cruise


We opened in June of this year, so we are touching on six months of trading. Network is all about the experience. We serve excellent coffee but we wanted the customer experience to be excellent all-round, inclusive of the coffee. From the music to the design to the interaction at the till to the style of the shop it should all fit together.




One of the things I have learned since opening is that patience is key. Business was frustratingly slow during the summer months when we first opened, but it takes time to establish a brand. So you have to stick to your guns and watch it grow.


Eventually, word of mouth started to spread and we found people slowly starting to change their habits and stop into us. We now have a great crew of regulars, we are welcoming new faces in all the time and find they are coming back to us with increasing frequency. It took some time, longer than we expected and whilst we have grown a good bit we still have plenty of hard work to do to get us to the next level. We have no definitive plans to open x amount of stores in x amount of years or anything like that but we do want to take our brand as far as possible.

3 cafes Ollie thinks you should check out


Tobys Estate
I was recently back from a trip to New York, I saw Toby’s Estate over there and thought it was excellent, I really like what they have done with their brand and retained the quality of their product as they have grown, I was in the one located beside the flatiron building which is very impressive


I think Workshop in the UK are producing some excellent coffees, which we are lucky enough to stock. I have been in one or two of their shops in London and they are very well considered.

Thru the Green

Finally closer to home, Thru the Green in Windy Arbour in Dublin is vey unique and full of character, its a great concept with brilliant service and excellent coffee.


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