A quick chat with the brothers behind Apartial, a Dublin based creative repository

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Who is Aparatial and when did you set it up?

Apartial is a passion project formed by two brothers from Dublin, Mark and Stephen Leonard. It was essentially born to scratch our own itch. We’d been following the work of different creatives for a number of years and wanted to bring them all together on one platform so others could get inspired. We showcase the work of a group of like-minded creators who share a core ideal of doing something different.


Why Apartial? What do you do differently to others?

It is the team that makes Apartial unique. We would be nothing without the work of the creatives as each portfolio brings something unique to the team. When you move around the site you see shots from Woody Gooch as he explores perfect surf in Indonesia, the various styles of the talented tattoo artists from Dublin Ink and everything in between. These are a group of creators and innovators that are constantly pushing the boundaries.


What challenges did you/do you face setting up and establishing Apartial?

There were actually very few challenges when building Apartial. The online world is open to everyone but very few take advantage of it. In saying that, we’ve made our fair share of mistakes since we started. Looking back, we should have spent more time focusing on what we’re passionate about rather than what others were doing.


What can we expect from you in the future?

We are constantly experimenting with different directions for the future of Apartial. In the past, we have tried to react to what the main players are doing but now we want to pioneer new projects and see what is possible. We also aim to grow the team and collaborate with as many people as we can.

Recommend 3 websites that have inspired you from around the world.

Juxtapoz gives us our daily dose of creative inspiration.


Magnum Photos constantly post perfect shots from some of the world’s most renowned photographers


TED publish presentations from people who are revolutionizing their fields so it often throws out talks that lead on to us thinking differently.

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