Dave Sexton

Dave Sexton

Davey Sexton is a photographer we have worked with a few times. His recent small photo project ‘Grand Drying out’ caught our attention once again so we sat him down for the chat

Find out more about Dave Sexton at davidsextonphotography.com



Tell us a bit about yourself. What’s your background and how did you end up in photography.

I studied photography as part of a communications degree. I kept it on as a hobby whilst working at a “regular” job. Around 2004 I got a DSLR and started shooting gigs off my own steam. This changed everything for me and led to various bits and bobs and gave me the footing to quit my job in advertising in 2012.




How would you describe your style?

I think that is for someone else to say. When I arrive at a clear definition of what that is myself I’ll let you know.



What challenges does a photographer in Dublin’s face?

The biggest challenge is studio space. Decent studio space in the city center that isn’t obscenely priced is an ongoing problem and one that I still haven’t cracked.



What is your ideal photo gig

Ongoing portrait commissions for international publications would be the dream scenario. If you could hand me a combination of Nadav Kander, Peter Hapak or Marco Grob’s careers for Christmas, that would be nice.




Tell us about your ‘Grand Drying Out’ picture project

This came about as part of the Dublin 8 project at Bond st studios for Culture night. I was wandering around looking for inspiration and coming up short if I’m honest. In the centre fourcourt of a block of flats I spotted a washing line of whites in the middle of this big concrete space. Maybe this is just me but your clothing on the line is quite a personal thing so to have it exposed in essentially a public place is quite a strange thing.

I just followed it on from there and started spotting people essentially drying clothes wherever they can in a city where space is at a premium and not everyone has a back garden. Its not normally the kind of work I would do but its nice to go in different directions.

Recommend 3 Dublin photographers we should check out


Alex Sheridan
This kid’s work is so well rounded for someone so young, scary good. I dont know how old he is but in my head he is like fifteen.


Sean Jackson
I assisted Sean when I first started out. I learned an awful lot. A gentleman and a unique character. Sean doesnt really push the social media thing which I admire him greatly for.

Matthew Thompson
His stuff is just brilliant, super clean lovely cool tones.


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