Louisa Jane

Louisa Jane

Lou Lou is a designer by day and DJ by night. We caught up with her about her fledgling Dublin fashion brand Louisa Jane.

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Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Lou Lou, from Dublin and I’m a Designer and DJ. I have a brand called Louisa Jane – The Painted Lady, which I run from my studio on College Green, I make a small collection of bespoke clothing and accessories for women and babies.

I studied fashion design in college and then went on to work in retail display for 8 years with Penney’s. I dipped my toe in to the street art world working as Maser’s assistant in the USA in 2014 and then moved back to Dublin in 2015 to focus on my own brand full-time. In my time in retail display I started djing and had a couple of Dublin residencies and I also started a craft brand Lou Lou’s Lovelies (rebranded to become Louisa Jane – The Painted Lady in 2014 while in the US) which I launched at the Toejam car boot sale in the summer of ’09.

I set up an Instagram for my brand in 2012 which I have continued to use as a means of telling my story; showing my work, my passions and a place to sell my pieces.




Why did you setup Louisa Jane Design?

I wanted to grow the brand up and open myself up to doing ‘seasonless’ clothing; well made simple pieces that my customers will wear for decades. As much as I love fashion I don’t like being dictated to too much by trends and I’ve always loved the idea of something being timeless. I create unique and playful designs based around the primary colours with all fabrics I use being sourced locally.

Colour and comfort are key with my clothing. I wore one of my boxy smock designs to a festival last year and I had a fella ask me ‘is that a dress or a game?’ – I love that! I feel my pieces are quite distinctively mine and they really reflect the look and feel of the brand, that’s very important to me.





What do you like most about what you do and what do you wish you knew before starting?

I love what I do, I feel very blessed to be designing and then jumping on the decks a few nights a week, it’s a lovely balance. Fashion and music are among some of my life’s major loves! I constantly come up against challenges but that’s how you learn and grow. I think I was naive in the beginning to think there would always be a demand, it can be a feast or a famine at times with orders and you have to learn to manage that as best you can. I need the quieter spells to work on new ideas. It’s so important to keep motivated and inspired and keep pushing your work.




What can we expect from you in the future?

Expect more colour, new collar designs, kids clothing, an e-commerce website and blog and more lovely tunes!

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